Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Sites and Sounds in Historich Savannah

I took a bus trip with my mom and my friend Julanda. Her mother is wonderful at creating these nice little day trip get aways. So we, along with about 50 other people, piled onto the bus at 6:30 am and away we went. We got to Savannah and of course we had to eat at Paula Deans again. I like her restaurant but I think I am good so I will be trying some new cuisine the next time.

I had a chance to relax and enjoy the sites and sounds of the city. We took a tour and I had a chance to go to a art museum. Laura Dinello's work is fantastic!!! I recommend you check her out if you get the chance. I also got some wonderful Praline cookies and just sat back and people watched. So here are a few of my pictures from Savannah and oh yeah it was Memorial Day weekend. A big shout out of Thank you to all past and future Veterans who fight for our liberty!

Until next time enjoy!

People everywhere enjoying the sites and sounds of this charming southern city.

I just loved the outfit this lady was wearing It was a little funky boots and shorts.

Even little puppies were trying to stay cool in the heat

Flutist in the park

River Street Market Place= wonderful goodies

Beautiful paintings for you garden

Beautiful silver jewelry

River Street Candy Store

World famous Praline mmm mouthwatering

Majestic Trees in the city town centers

Cobblestone pavement made by slaves. Slaves were bought and sold on these very stones.

African American Family Monument
The base is inscribed with these words:

We were stolen, sold and bought together from the African continents. We got on the slave ships together. We lay back to belly in the holds of the slave ships in each other excrement and urine together sometimes died together and our lifeless bodies thrown overboard together. Today we are standing up together with faith and even some joy.

Maya Angelou

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Naturals, Naturals, and more Naturals

Well this past Saturday(5/23/10) I went to a Natural Hair Meet up. I had such a wonderful time meeting all the lovely ladies who like me are embracing their natural God given hair and beauty. Aaaaaaaaahhhhhh Sistahood. I took a few pictures of the event that focus on the color and beautiful textures that I saw. Enjoy!!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

First time I did this

A friend of mine, who is a notary, asked me to do some photography work for her. She wants me to do soem photos of the weddings that she performs. Well this was my first time working with a notary. The location was really nice and the young couple was a litle nervous but they seem ready to do it. So here are a few pictures from that day. Hope you like.